Would you like a conservatory?

We wanted a new conservatory on the back of our house and we spent a long time looking at brochures, looking online, looking at conservatory’s built in the local area. Buying a conservatory is a quite a big business, it is an expensive outlay and needs to be considered carefully.

Similar to choosing any supplier, it is important to choose a good one and to decide whether you want to choose a local supplier or a national supplier both have their merits. A local supplier we believe is better if you need to have things done to it, fixes done that kind of thing at a later stage, and it is always good to have a local relationship with a tradesman you can trust and talk to you again.

A national supplier may be cheaper due to the fact they can have a tradesman ready, often employed by them who are not doing anything so you can get a good deal because of their bulk buying policy and the ability for them not always to use their tradesmen efficiently. In my experience I found that national companies do give me a good deal because sometimes the salesperson isn’t always that clued up on the pricing and sometimes discounts are given and miscalculated also because the salesperson is only selling and does not own the company so he is not that close to the numbers.

But a good local glazier okay fit conservatory is always good with the numbers because they have to be to ensure the business remains solvent, and they do often give good discounts, the important thing I believe is to gain the trust and respect my local trades person because they are always useful to go back to in the event of any issues or problems you may have with the work they have done. Also you may want some additions to the work of extra things to Adam and having somebody local you Canetti talk to you face-to-face is a big bonus I believe.

Once you have done your due diligence work on pricing, what you would like on your conservatory, how big you would like your conservatory and trying to find a local glazier or a national glazier to fit the conservatory it is time to do some negotiation with the glazier of your choice. To negotiate any deal with a supplier it is very important to get at least three quotations that you can use to talk to the supplier of your choice to get the best deal especially with a glazing deal on a conservatory. All glazing companies, glazing suppliers, glazing fitters , are willing to do a deal. They need your business, you need a conservatory so really it is all a case of getting it at the right price for you. You have to be prepared to walk away from a situation if you do not get the right price. If you cannot do that yourself it is always a good idea to get a friend or a family member to help you negotiate a good deal because it does involve confrontation with the supplier and they will not back down unless you argue the point which does involve being confrontational yourself.

So you will have to get your three quotations from your glazing suppliers and understand them by asking questions of each glazing company and finding what the differences are and any angles you can use against each other. You need to find out what is in the price and what discount levels they’re offering and what the offer for free,  this is the same into negotiations with suppliers.

You ideally should know which supplier you want to go with again based on the national or local argument I put forward before. The idea now is to get the best price out of the other two suppliers and use those prices to get a better deal with the supplier you want to work with. I promise you, you will always get a discount if you simply tell them you’ve got a better price elsewhere for a like for like product or service it is really up to you then, to decide how much you want to push for a better price.

Once negotiation is done,  it is a simple task of agreeing a date with the glazier who is going to supply the conservatory for you and keeping them to that date. So basically you will be doing some project management of your glazier. Also ensure there are no extra costs during the project they have to deliver the service and the product you have purchased for the price you have agreed.

And hopefully if all goes well your beautiful new conservatory will be delivered on time and to the price you wanted to play, happy days. 🙂

For you information, we chose www.chelseaglass247.co.uk, who are our local glazier and do a great job for us and the local community.