Problems with central heating systems

As our central heating systems age, they seem to cost us more and more. This is no coincidence. While there are several things that can go wrong with your central heating system, there is one very common problem. This problem causes a whole host of other problems, that ultimately leave you with a central heating system that is not working the way that is should be. There is a solution to this problem. Getting a Powerflush will solve the major problem and all its symptoms. But first you have to know what the problem is and how to spot it.

What is the problem?

Over time, there can be a build up of what is referred to as black sludge. But what is this black sludge? The black sludge that forms inside the heating system is a concoction of black iron oxide, lime scale and any debris that was left behind in the system during installation. This us also caused by the corrosion of parts inside the system. This substance is actually magnetic. If this black sludge is left inside the system for too long, it can cause some major damage. This damage can cost a lot to repair or become unrepairable. This is due to the fact that the sludge compacts over time. It can become as solid as concrete and eventually completely block your pipes. The pipe that feeds the cold water into the system is often a common spot for the blockages to occur. Once your pipes are solidly blocked, you’ll have to dish out quite a bit of money to solve the problem. However, if caught in time this can be avoided.

How to recognise the problem

There are several symptoms of the build up of the black iron oxide sludge in your system. If you notice any of the following, you should already be thinking about getting a preventative and restoring powerflush done.  Here are the warning signs:

  • When bleeding radiators, dirty black or brown water is present.
  • Your boiler cuts out (due to blockage or damage)
  • Pipes or valves are blocked
  • Cold spots in your radiators (often cold at the top or bottom)
  • Pipes have become noisy (due to restricted flow)
  • Boiler makes loud noises (banging sounds)

These can be ufnpleasant, due to the noise factor but also because of the inefficiency.  Your heating bills will go up but your system will struggle to produce heat to its full potential. Costing you more for less heat. The sooner this is sorted out, the better it’ll be on your pocket.

How exactly does sludge effect your system?

  • When sludge or lime scale coats the insides of your pipes and your heat exchangers, it reduces the amount of water that is able to flow through and exit the system. This results in little or no hot water coming through any taps and fittings.
  • If there is a lot of accumulated deposits in the system it can cause the boiler to run loudly and cut out often. If this problem goes unresolved you may end up needing a replacement.
  • A big sign of system corrosion is discoloured water found when bleeding your radiators. This is directly due to the presence of sludge.
  • The build up of lime scale and black iron oxide sludge stop radiators from working at their full potential. This creates cold spots in the radiator. A powerflush creates a more even heat by removing this sludge.
  • When sludge gathers at the bottom of the radiator it will cause the radiator to be cold at the bottom. This sludge can block the water flow in and out of the of said radiator. These are heavy deposits of sludge but can be removed and with that water will flow freely.
  • When your radiators are cold on top it is due to two things in part. The first and most obvious is the black sludge. The second part is the build up of hydrogen gasses. The gasses ate a re ultimate of rusting inside the system. To solve this problem you would need to first bleed the radiator. This is to get rid of excess air in the system. After this a powerflush is user to help stop the rusting that is taking place within the system.

So many problems caused by this black sludge. They will only get worse and more expensive to run and maintain. All these problems can be solved and irreparable damage prevented with one cure. A powerflush will help restore your system and it’ll run like new. If you ignore the problematic warming signs, you will have worse problems down the line. It is better to invest and take care of your central heating system so that you avoid catastrophe later on.

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